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  3. Hello! So I signed up for Premiere Transport over 3 weeks ago. I have still not received any email regarding my acceptance or denial. I don't know if I ever got it or what. All the best, Trucker_2004_02.
  4. So thank you for your help
  5. I had just been downloading Euro truck simulator 2 for my phone and need a team. Yeah come in
  6. Thanks Guys, did not see this welcome until 5 minutes ago.
  7. I Signed up a week ago yesterday and haven't received an email telling me whether I was accepted or rejected, I was just wondering if that meant I was rejected, as Ive been waiting to play until i got a response because I don't really like using multiple different saves, and didn't want to have to start over as soon as I got something built up (it just kind of breaks the immersion for me)
  8. ^ @Speedy Forgive me if I'm being impatient, as its only been about 4 days since I've applied, but I believe I saw that Id get an email within 24 hours, which I haven't received yet, Just checking because I've been waiting to play until I get either Approved or Declined, as I like to focus on just one save game, rather than multiple.
  9. for logging you have to make sure you take this picture first. don't forget it.. you can take a picture of you Navigator job info screen too so you'll have all information When you go to the log book you'll see that it's got almost all the info in there,,, except money xp miles and fuel .. you'll have to fill that in. in this picture I've got a red line drawed where you need to click to fill out log after you hit summit you'll see this . : Then scroll down and you'll see where to put the info off the picture ! Fill in all it says then summit , and you're done. scroll down some more on that picture to find summit button... if you want to type anything about the load. or why you had to pick up in different city, typing it in the spot, for you to type info for dispatcher. H[ This is what it'll look like after you summit it.. Hope this helps ! Any question Just ask ! Thanks you !
  10. Hey @Smokinmoose, We are very sorry that you didn't receive any emails, it was sent the first time but I guess it never made it through to you. But it has been sent to you. And you are accepted. Sorry about the inconvenience.
  11. Hi just had a question if you don't receive an email for applying does that mean your out
  12. Welcome Charro / Erik We have cookies in the corner!
  13. Hey @Smokinmoose , The reason why you can't download load anything is because you just filled out the application. So you haven't been accepted yet to be a driver. You will get a email from us within 24-hours about being accepted or not. Thanks, Speedy
  14. I have been able to log in having tuff time finding the stuff to download and opened to get driving I have pretty simple computer skills. If anyone can help thanks
  15. You can a driver on the forums by clicking on this (shown in screenshot)
  16. How do you send mail to other drivers. I can't seem to find that link or anything where I can send a quick welcoming message ? Thanks for the help ! Rusty .
  17. I'd like to welcome my Friend Charro logistics , to the VTC. I hope you have many of miles of driving fun here Erik. Your friend Rusty !
  18. I Look forward to seeing this and it should be cool. Should make me want to drive on ATS again!
  19. Glad to be of service. Even though I said nothing
  20. @Rusty Truck Your welcome! We are glad to help any way we can.
  21. Got my dash and GPS working thanks to all the people in the VTC. I was driving last night with a 32 inch dash on my other monitor. Thank you all !
  22. Quick update: The gallery was planned to be working for this release, but due to some problems, the gallery isn't ready yet. But I will tell everyone that it is coming soon.
  23. Welcome everyone to our new forums! Please make sure you check out our forum rules before posting. And if you are a driver, Please make sure you send me a message here on the forums if haven't been changed to a driver status.
  24. Today marks one year anniversary of American Truck Simulator's release. When we started working on the game way back several years ago, it was with a tiny team of five people, and still we were not sure if we can sustain the development. But we persisted, and were rewarded by a very strong launch on the market and a warm reception by the community as well as gaming press. This gave us the confidence to bolster the team and raise our ambition for the scale of the project. At this moment, over 20 people focus solely on ATS development; an internal team plus a network of full-time contractors. Still it is not enough. We are well aware that the game's fans would like to see more content, more vehicles, more game features, more optimizations, faster progress. To make this possible, we keep growing the company - our vision is to at least double our production bandwidth for both American Truck as well as Euro Truck 2. We have been adding a few new people to the company pretty much every month during 2016, and we'll definitely keep on growing through 2017. All this new talent does and will make a difference that you should definitely notice. We are happy to confirm that the next map expansion for American Truck Simulator will be the state of New Mexico! Source:
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